Artist-in-residence in Greenland

 Artist-in-residence project at Upernavik museum, Greenland, 2010.

150-pages long novel inspired by experience, intercultural dialogue and sociological and image studies research about Greenlandic tradition (national character, cultural achievement, music, poetry, Greenlandic language, national custom, contemporary way of living, Inuit tradition…) and  impact of environment and globalization in old Inuit culture.

Besides writing a personal story about Greenlandic nature and environment writing a story about Greenlandic glaciers and their impact of global world warning, as well.

Story about people who call themself Inuit (in the Inuktitut language, it means “the people”) about warm and friendly people who lives in the worlds largest island , the least densely populated country on the planet and one of the most isolated countries on the world. Ancient fishing Greenlandic community reachable only by dogsled or boat, during past decades is facing with global warming, an impact of urbanization, hi-tech civilization, migration to Denmark, high suicide rate, social insecurity, alcoholism, domestic violence  and with the possibility of the disappearance of their language and traditional culture.

English translation from novel Eaters of row meat by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic published in 2013. in Serbian language

Eaters of row meat by Ljiljana Maletin 2013


Intercultural dialogue, image studies, globalization, global versus local, youth and ambivalence of urbanization,  climate and environment, urbanization, global worming, social and economic security, cultural integrations and differences.



Photos made by Ljiljana and Dragan Vojvodic

Extracts from novel took place in Greenland were published in several Serbian literary newspapers:

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Published novel written by Ljiljana Maletin which took place in Greenland
Ljiljana ‘s book about Greenland at bookstores in Novi Sad
Solaris, Novi Sad, 2013.
Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 15.30.55

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