The artist-in-residence project at Frida Hansens Hus. Skrik; Post-Nora age

Skrik; Post Nora Age

All art is collaboration, you can not do it without collaboration

The project called SkrikPost Nora Age represents continuation of Ljiljana Maletin ‘s activities concerning cross-border cultural cooperation between Serbia and Scandinavia. The aim of the project is to publish novel Skrik in Serbian language for Serbian readers, to make Norwegian female artists and tradition more familiar to them as well as contemporary female art in Post Nora Age in general because men are placed in leading position in our society – the art is no exception. Female artist forced to face more complicated and more acute problems in contemporary society in Norway as well in Serbia.

Scream; Post Nora Age project  coincides with a major retrospective of Frida Hansen’s art at Stavanger Kunstmuseum. The fictional narrative called Skrik is inspired by Serbian and Norwegian female artists like Frida Hansen and Isidora Sekulic as well as contemporary women artist like Joko Ono, Tracy Emin, Cindy Sherman, Sophie Calle, Marina Abramovic etc.

* Nora  character –   from Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House

The play is significant for its critical attitude toward 19th century marriage norms. It aroused great controversy at the time, as it concludes with the protagonist, Nora, leaving her husband and children because she wants to discover herself. Ibsen was inspired by the belief that “a woman cannot be herself in modern society,” since it is “an exclusively male society, with laws made by men and with prosecutors and judges who assess feminine conduct from a masculine standpoint.


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Thanks to introduction of director Hanne Beathe Ueland, Ljiljana Maletin enjoyed Frida Hansen’s retrospective exhibition at Stavanger Art Museum called Frida Hansens: Art Nouveau I Full Blomst

Official web site and FB page by Norwegain Embassy in Belgrade
interview with Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic
31.07.2015 // The Serbian artist, Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic, who has been exploring and writing in the Nordic countries for years, talks about her love for Nordic culture and about her projects connecting Serbia and Scandinavia.

Screenshot_2015-08-05-16-18-24 sajt norveske ambasade sajt norveske ambasade druga vest sa sajta norveske o meni intervju

Frida Hansens: Art Nouveau I Full Blomst, Stavanger Kunstmuseum


The exhibition is produced by Stavanger Art Museum in collaboration with Anniken Thue and Janne Leithe. Curators: Inger M. Lund Gudmundson, Janne Leithe

For the first time in 40 years, a large exhibition featuring the works of Frida Hansen (1855-1931) will be shown in Norway. This internationally-acclaimed artist from Stavanger, while active at the turn of the twentieth century, pioneered in the development of Norwegian textile art. Today she is considered one of Norway’s foremost artists and representatives of Art Nouveau and Symbolism. Hansen made her international breakthrough in 1900, when she exhibited the tapestry Milky Way (1898) at the World’s Fair in Paris and won a gold medal.

Her production consists of large tapestries with literary and floral motifs. For the floral works, she developed and patented a technique for creating partitions that enabled her to alternate between woven and unwoven ‘transparent’ passages. Many of Hansen’s cartoons have been preserved for posterity. She was the first Norwegian artist to draw her own full-scale cartoons and to weave the images herself. Early in her career she collaborated with the Husflidsforening (an association promoting traditional crafts), both drawing patterns and teaching weaving techniques. Disagreements over pattern copyrights, however, incited her to start her own business. From 1897 to 1906 she ran Det norske Billedvæveri (the Norwegian Pictorial Tapestry Studio) in Kristiania (today’s Oslo). Also during that period, in 1889, she founded the first weaving studio in Norway to have its own plant-dye workshop.

Despite the recognition Hansen’s works received during her own lifetime, they were largely forgotten by the next generation. Not until 1973, with the first comprehensive exhibition of her works at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo, was she presented as a central artist and a pioneer, both of which she truly was. Norwegians today have a renewed interest in textile art, and Frida Hansen’s floral motifs and plant-dyeing techniques are once again gaining relevance in light of the current ecological perspective.

With many works loaned from Norwegian and international collections, the exhibition aims to show the breadth of Frida Hansen’s unique artistic practice.

(Text: Inger M. Lund Gudmundson, curator for Stavanger Art Museum)

frida i ljilja studioooo

left: Book Frida Hansen, Art Nouveau I Full Blomst, Kunstmuseum, Stavanger, Norway and Norwegian story written by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic

right: Ljiljana Maletin working at Frida Hansen Hus

Ljiljana Maletin’s text Letter from Norway (Frida Hansen & Isidora Sekulić)

published at daily newspaper called Danas, 13/07/2015, Belgrade, Serbia

 Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 12.22.56 pismo iz norveske

Ljiljana Maletin’s books at Stavanger Library

AiR Stavanger, Frida Hansens hus
The Stavangerborn artist Frida Hansen (1855-1931) is an important pioneer of textile art both in and outside Norway. Her international breakthrough came with a gold medal at the International Exhibition in Paris, 1900 whereby her tapestries were comissioned by museums and collections all over Europe. Sadly only a few of her larger works can be found in Norway. Frida Hansen is a significant representative of the Art Nouveau style in Norway and has also made great technical contributions to the craft.

Frida Hansens hus was built in 1846 and is today owned by Stavanger City Council. After considerable renovations it was reopened in 2001 with an artist residency, a small café/gallery and a permanent exhibiton about Frida Hansen.

The artist in residency program at Frida Hansens hus is currently programmed by Rogaland Contemporary Art Center and by invitation only. The focus of the program is on Frida Hansen’s legacy, as a textile artist, as a woman and as an international participant.

11698611_10206084777972955_1780616162067718763_n 20150708_182825_resized

Frida Hansen Hus, July 2015.

Stavanger Kunstmuseum FB page:

14/07/2015 at 8:43am
Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic har for tiden residens i Frida Hansens hus. Hun har skrevet om Frida Hansen i Danas, en av Serbias største aviser:
// Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic is currently on residency in Frida Hansen’s house here in Stavanger. She has written about Frida Hansen in Danas, one of Serbias most important newspapers:…/periskop/pismo_iz_norveske.48.html…
Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic currently have residence in Frida Hansen’s House. She has written about Frida Hansen in Danas, one of Serbia’s largest newspapers:
// Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic is currently on residency in Frida Hansen’s house here in Stavanger. She has written about Frida Hansen in Danas, one of Serbias most important newspapers:…/periskop/pismo_iz_norveske.48.html…

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 13.51.46 Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 13.51.32


Instruction as Kunst

DSC07059 DSC07058 DSC07057 DSC07055 DSC07054 ovo2ovo4 OVO

Stavanger, July, 2015.

DSC06557 DSC06538

DSC06556 DSC06555

Photo: Ljiljana Maletin

Collaging and rewriting authors documents and non-fictional magazines and art brochures found during authors stay in Stavanger, July 2015.

Pre-writing process associated with questions the nature of writing, the role of the writer in contemporary society and the process of creating future authors novel called Scream.

Ljiljana’s text about exhibition at Munchmeseet

Van Gogh+Munch at Munch Museum in Oslo

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 17.05.04 Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 17.04.24

e-novine, 27. July 2015.

Collaboration with Dragan Vojvodic:

Red & Norge

11791907_10206232097175843_5905057683198530772_o 11794313_10206232109976163_9176848927424487252_o

11258240_10206232074055265_6433807371091180106_o 11794460_10206232053574753_3227818775312355678_o

11779960_10206232096935837_2225644459846507665_o 11754746_10206232062294971_4819337348825830495_o

11046712_10206232067415099_1064289887510578903_o-2 10551683_10206232105816059_4297846954416898988_o

Sola beach, Stavanger, 2015.

photo: Dragan Vojvodic


Munch and Van Gogh in Oslo

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 12.02.18 van gog i munk

Jeff Koons and Demian Hirst in Oslo

blog for

Screenshot_2015-08-06-10-42-51 pulse


blog for

astrup fearnley muzej moj blog na supervizuelnoj

Cooperation with Dragan Vojvodic in Stavanger

seecult bolji


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