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– Artist in residency at NCCA (National Centre for contemporary arts) in Kronstadt/ St Petersburg,together with multimedia artist, Dragan Vojvodić, http://www.ncca.ru/spb thanks to The THE MINISTRY OF CULTURE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION and STATE MUSEUM AND EXHIBITION CENTER “ROSIZO”


Q21, Wien

The Questionnaire Results, as well as texts and photos Ljiljana produce in Vienna, wiil be posted at her blog: https://ljiljanamaletin.wordpress.com/q21-air-research-project/


Maping Post Nora female art

Mapping female art in Vienna


MQ21 Newsletter

Preview of “https—mailchi.mp-a391ef4a027b-mq-sommerstart-649875?e=66235b786c”

q21 backstage Tour


Yoko ono     20180702_182425

left: Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic in front of Yoko Ono work Voice Piece for Soprano, MUMOK, Wien, 2018.
right: Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic  with Finnish artist, Elina Brotherus, Kunst House, Wien, 2018.

Research project/ limited-edition Artist’s Book

”Post Nora (performance) art_is (t)?”

Flajer final

designed by: Dragan Vojvodic

A research topic&title inspired by Post Nora exhibition with female artists from Norway and China at Today Art Museum, Bejing in 2006.




Q21 writers residency in Vienna, http://www.q21.at/institutionen/ Recommended by BMEIA 
Work Presentation
 EU Japan Fest official report
 EU Japan Fest Comeetee 2018


Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić become a member of Association of Writers of Vojvodina

april, 2018.



24-25_PDF_TVmagazin 28 04 2018

BLOG at P.U.L.S.E.


Preview of “Rejkjavik- Bjork & patuljci | P.U.L.S.E Magazin za umetnost i kulturu”

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 21.19.10
Dnevnik, 30.04.2018.
Preview of “Island- Rejkjavik; turisti, Bjork i Knausgor – Život – Dnevni list Danas”
Reykjavik, Bjork and Knausgaard

From daily newspaper, Danas, Belgrade, 17.04.2017.
Research project in Reykjvik, Iceland, april, 2018.



From daily newspaper, Blic, Belgrade, 07.02.2017.
and NOVI SAD 2021 Foundation official site
Impressions from Japan: Arists from Novi Sad in the ‘Kizuna’ Exchange Programme



Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.29.50

Published in category: News
Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić and Dragan Vojvodić are artists from Novi Sad who visited Tokyo in mid-January within the ‘Kizuna’ exchange programme organised by the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation in cooperation with ‘EU-Japan Fest’ from Tokyo.By creating bonds (‘kizuna’ = ‘bond’) in the form of cooperation, the Foundation encourages mobility of artists from Novi Sad in order to make city cultural scene more international and to connect local cultural workers and artists with partners from Japan, so that the end result of this type of exchange would create joint cultural and artistic projects.Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić discussed what residential programmes mean to her, why she recommends them to young artists and what are her impressions of Japan:‘International residential programmes in Spain, Portugal, France, Latvia, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Greenland, in which I have participated since 2006, are integral and unavoidable part of my creation. The possibility to know the ‘Other’ and the ‘Different’ has enabled me to write dozen books, each of them being inspired by the culture of a country I visited thanks to artistic residences. This enabled me to prepare cultural guides to Finland and Sweden, anthology of Norwegian literature, novels that take place in Greenland and Reykjavik, travelogues about Portugal and Catalonia, imagaologial essays about Paris, and numerous articles and blogs about contemporary art. In addition to this, residences have provided opportunities for personal growth, cooperation and friendship with many talented artists, from Island to Japan. This is why I hope, after our visit to Tokyo within the ‘Kizuna’ programme, I will write a book that will motivate young people, especially artists from Novi Sad, to travel; to isolate themselves from everyday life and to get to know an unusual country of developed technology, long tradition and pleasant and gentle people with whom I had a joy to cooperate in this project.’Ljiljana’s husband, Dragan Vojvodić, is a visual artist who also carries positive impressions from this residence, and he conveys the following message to young artists: it is important to move.‘Exchange projects in the USA and Japan (‘Kizuna’) and residential programmes in Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Czechia (‘Plants AiR’) have had a great impact on my development, both as an artist and personally; they fundamentally transformed my artistic practice and made me recognisable on the art scene as an artist that creates in-situ using his rich existential experience. It is impossible to create art today without communicating with artists and institutions outside our borders because art becomes more universal and erases attributes that make it local. Mobility is unavoidable in modern age; by travelling and facing the Other, we can get know ourselves and our position in the world more clearly.’

Ljiljana Maletin: From Novi Sad to Tokyo

03.02.2018, Dnevnik, Novi Sad

28-29 PDF_TVmagazin 04 02 2018

BLOG at P.U.L.S.E. about Tokyo


Preview of “Mitologija trešnjinog cveta i savremeni….U.L.S.E Magazin za umetnost i kulturu”


Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić, Tokyo story
02,03.02.2018, Danas, Belgrade





Kizuna project in Tokyo , thanks to EU Japan Fest from Tokyo


Communication/ Dialogue/ Mobility#2018_Tokyo


This project, which is realised in cooperation with EU JAPAN FEST COMMITTEE  from Tokyo http://www.eu-japanfest.org/, encourages mobility of members of Novi Sad cultural scene and establishes cooperation with Japanese cultural organisations and artists.

 The selection panel of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation decided to recommend Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić www. ljiljanamaletin.wordpress.com and Dragan Vojvodić www.draganvojvodic.wordpress.com and their project ideas.
…. from  ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation web site


Meetings during project

Ljiljana and Dragan in Tokyo during research travel


Artist’s Book Yearbook

Two  artbooks by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic are listed
Vanishing Home and Instruction as writings


Published by Impact Press, September 2017.The ABYB is a biennial reference publication focusing on international activity in the field of book arts. It serves as a resource for librarians, artists, academics, students, collectors, dealers, publishers and researchers, in fact anyone interested in artists’ books!
240pp, 21 x 29.7 cm, black and white offset litho, colour cover.ISBN 978-1-906501-12-9.
Detailed Description
Artist’s Book Yearbook 2018-2019
Published by Impact Press at The Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England, Bristol, September 2017
Essays: With her regular page for bookartbookshop, Tanya Peixoto celebrates Kelly Wellman; Endangered Species of Book by John Bently, ponders the disappearance of paper-based books from our daily routines; Liminal Moments At The Edges: Reading Montage Narratives in Artists’ Books by Victoria Cooper explores some examples of the montage within bookworks by Australian artists held within the State Library of Queensland, Brisbane; Peter Seddon Reviews the exhibition Press & Release 2016: Technology and the Evolution of The Artist’s Book at Phoenix Brighton, UK; Josh Hockensmith of the Joseph C. Sloane Art Library at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, USA, explains The Artists’ Books Critical Index Project, gathering citations of where specific artists’ books are mentioned or pictured in literature about artists’ books; Egidija Ciricaite considers In the Space of Time – the metaphor of book space as “time” in artists’ books from the Prescriptions collection held at the University of Kent Special Collections and Archives, UK; in unfoldingthinking – Making Book Art with Scientists, Les Bicknell reflects on his recent artist’s residency at the Centre for Doctoral Training in Nanoscience and Technology at Cambridge University, UK, and the bookworks produced to date; from Poland, in What if my artist’s book is not really an object…, Anna Juchnowicz discusses her long-term project using printmaking, artists’ books and installation to express ideas from the poetry of Sappho today; inBEEZER: Library Interventions, Nick Norton reflects on the artists, designers, writers and performers participating in the interventions programme at Leeds College of Art, UK. Since 2013 Library Interventions has been making the creative potential of the library visible to a wide audience; in Un-Flattened: Book Arts and the Artist’s Map, Rosie Sherwood, UK, asks from the perspective of a book artist – Can a map be a reflection of a place, an experience, an emotional response?
Cover design: Tom Sowden
Artists’ pages by: Stephan Erasmus, Gloria Glitzer, Kellie Hindmarch, Sarah Jacobs, Sophie Loss, Hazel Roberts, Tricia Treacy, and Claire Yspol.
The listings sections detail some of the vast amount of artists’ books activity, education and discussion taking place around the world and include: Artist’s Book Publishers & Presses; Bookshops for artists’ books; Artist’s Book Dealers; Galleries & Centres; Collections, Libraries & Archives; Artist’s Book Fairs and Events; Book Arts Courses and Workshops; resources for Design, Print & Bind; Print and Papermaking Studios; Journals and Magazines; New Reference Publications; Organisations, People, Projects and Societies.
In the Artists’ Books Listings section, you can discover 400+ examples of new artists’ books from the information sent in by artists in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, the UK and the USA.
240pp, 21 x 29.7 cm, black and white offset litho, colour cover.
ISBN 978-1-906501-12-9.
Ljiljana Maletin, Norway from Bjornson to Knausgaard, Novi Sad, 2016.
Preview of “Norveška od Bjernsona do Knausgora – Šta da čitam?”Preview of “Norveška od Bjernsona do Knausgora – Šta da čitam?”
Norveska preporuka
Future projects:

Kizuna research project - NS 2021 & Japan Fest, Tokyo, Japan, January, 2018.

Q21, MuseumsQuartier, Wien, West balkan writers residency, July-August, 2018.
Bulevar books, Novi Sad
Literary Event Coordinator
Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 07.56.22
more info: 
Prose published on the Regional portal for literature Strane. ba

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić, Writer on temporary work in exile


Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic, Kemp in supermarket


Danube dialogues, international media festival, septembre, 2017, Novi Sad
Educational Workshop with the students titled How to understand contemporary art? held by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic

photo by: Christine Pirker

Kizuna’ exchange programme – Japan 2017 grant
Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić for Japan Have Been Recommended
The ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation, in cooperation with the EU-Japan Fest organisation from Tokyo, grant for research trip to Japan.


The ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation has carried out first evaluation within the public call for financial support to local artists and cultural workers for realisation of study and research trip to Japan within the ‘Kizuna’ exchange programme.
This project, which is realised in cooperation with EU-Japan Fest organisation, encourages mobility of members of Novi Sad cultural scene and establishes cooperation with Japanese cultural organisations and artists.
The selection panel has decided to recommend the following candidates and their project ideas:
– Biljana Jelkić
– Tanja Šovanj
– Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić
– Dragan Vojvodić
 Ljiljana Maletin’s article published at daily newspaper Danas
Danas, Belgrade
Ljiljana Maletin, Alternativni duh Rijeke
Text by Ljiljana Maletin about Dragan Vojvodic and Kamov residency“Suprematistička tranzicija i transmisija | SEEcult.org”“MUZEJ MODERNE I SUVREMENE UMJETNOSTI – RIJEKA”

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Ljiljana Maletin’s article published at Seecult web site, MMSU Rijeke official web site and Kamov residency web site
July/August, 2017.

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 July/ August 2017.
Cooperation in project at MMSU, Rijeka (Croatia), photos for Dragan Vojvodic performance and art action

Rijeka, Croatia, 2017.
Ljiljana Maletin during research trip at Croatia, July/ August 2017.

July, 2017.
Co-writing time at Mokrin house. 
A coworking and coliving space located in the north of Serbia, a modern and urban spot in a rural surrounding.
* Studies have shown that stepping out of the regular work environment increases productivity and creativity. That is why Mokrin House offers a program for both teams and individuals that want to replace the stressful and busy urban business environment with a more down to earth, nature oriented work environment.

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic, Urbani koncept u ravnici
pDF Mokrin House 
Text about Ljiljana Maletin ‘ s writings and last book about Sweden
01.06.2017, Dnevnik, Novi Sad
28-29 PDF_TVmagazin 01 07 2017
Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 09.22.52  19577058_10212050674636643_4091084792254046495_o
Ljiljana Maletin photos of Dragan Vojvodic’s work on art posters

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New book published in June 2017, about Sweden after artist in residence at Konstepidemin, Goteborg, Sweden.

Nostalgija za Severom: slika Švedske u srpskoj kulturi / Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić ; [fotografije Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić]
ISBN 978-86-89525-09-0
500 copies
57. Biennale di Venezia
Viva, Arte, Viva
press preview

Dnevnik, Novi Sad,
Faust in Venice, Danas, Belgrade

Towards the forest
Karl Ove Knausgaard on Munch
Munchmuseet, Oslo
20170521_202802_resized (1)
Bil Viola in Florence
Research trip to Italy 
Galleria degli Uffizi Uffizi –Galería de la Academia- Punto della Dogana – Palazzo Grassi
Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti –Leonardo da Vinci -Sandro Botticelli – Damien Hirst – Jeff Koons
David – The Birth of Venus – Primavera -Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable

Ljiljana Maletin in front of art works in Italy; photo: Dragan Vojvodic 

Texts published in Danas, daily newspaper

Demian Hirst in Venice

20170515_170158_resized_1 (1)


Ljiljana Maletin about Grayson Perry’s tapestry series (2012), The Vanity of Small Differences at MSUV, 12.04.2017.

More info:


Ljiljana Maletin at MSUV. Photo: Radomir Tadic, 07.04.2017.

Ljiljana Maletin text about Exposition “L´insoutenable légèreté de la transition” in Paris


Danas, Belgrade, 22.03.2017.


Ljiljana Maletin on her research Trip to Paris (France), 2017.

Ljiljana’s book about Paris named Proust’s ‘madeleine at the supermarket in Paris, 2017.
Exposition “L´insoutenable légèreté de la transition”, Paris
Du 16 mars au 22 avril 2017

Centre Culturel de Serbie


Ljiljana Maletin: «La transmission du suprématisme» de Dragan Vojvodic

La poétique de l’artiste multimédia de Novi Sad (Serbie), Dragan Vojvodic (1965), pourrait être définie par le terme de « nomadisme artistique et créatif », car son œuvre n’est pas liée à un seul média, mais  est ouverte aux différents aspects de l’expression artistique. C’est ce qui fait la differencia specifica de son travail.

Explorant le phénomène du corps humain et son mouvement et la relation entre l’art et la société, tout en faisant allusion à l’œuvre de Kasimir Malevich (1878-1935) « Carré noir sur fond blanc », Dragan Vojvodic réalise, en 2016, l’action artistique du déplacement de la toile noire dans les rues de la ville  de Bergen (Norvège).

Cette action a été réalisée lors de la résidence de l’auteur dans le Centre culturel USF Verftet à Bergen, après la performance artistique « La transition du suprématisme » (Dialogues du Danube, Novi Sad, 2015), inspirée par le centenaire de la création du « Carré noir sur fond blanc ».

La toile noire sur châssis évoque le terme de la peinture et de l’art en général, mais pas obligatoirement l’œuvre concrète de Malevich ; tandis que le fond blanc est remplacé par le panorama de la ville. Ainsi, l’action artistique dans le contexte du panorama de Bergen obtient de nouvelles significations – la ville devient la partie du tableau et, en même temps, le tableau placé dans l’espace urbain évoque la place de l’art dans le milieu urbain, réel.

D’autre part, non seulement Vojvodic quitte l’idée de la création d’une œuvre d’art comme d’un acte accompli, mais les photos prises de « cet événement artistique », deviennent « le produit de cette action », c’est-à-dire, une œuvre d’art à part. En utilisant la structure et la composition du tableau de Malevich, Vojvodic effectue, par la toile noire, la réduction de l’espace en annulant les parties de la ville, et le panorama de la ville devient le background ou le matériel pour la transformation artistique.

Translated by Milica Francuz.


more: https://draganvojvodic.wordpress.com/street-action/suprematist-transmission/


Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina

Novi Sad, Serbia, 24.01.2017.

At the ninth session of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina presented the 
region Nordland in Norway

President of the Assembly, Pásztor István, Speech


100 years of cultural relations between Vojvodina and 
Norway would remain unprinted pages only that it was not prudent,
brave and enlightened woman. Since 1913, when the novelist, 
the first woman member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences, 
born in Mošorin (Vojvodina), Isidora Sekulic wrote a book of essays,
"Letters from Norway" to a number of plays, not only Ibsen 
texts but also other Norwegian writers - like Bjerg Vik, women writer 
whose drama "Two acts of five women"set director 
Vesna Topalov in 2002 at the Youth Theatre, and by 2016, when 
the women writer from Novi Sad, Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic, 
published the book"Norway from Björnsson to Knausgoard".
Ljiljana Maletin entered into Knausgaard’s Some rain must fall (My struggle No 5), Bergen, Norway, January, 2017.
Essays published at Danas newspaper and Hyperborea blog, January, 2017.

“The young Karl Ove moves to Bergen to attend the Writing Academy. It turns out to be a huge disappointment “he wants so much, knows so little, and achieves nothing”. His contemporaries have their manuscripts accepted and make their debuts while he begins to feel the best he can do is to write about literature. With no apparent reason to feel hopeful, he continues his exploration of and love for books and reading…”
The fifth volume My Struggle by Karl Ove Knausgaard’s 
Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic  donated her books to Bergen city library, Norway 

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic at KODE museum in Bergen, Norway
new research on Edvard Munch (1863-1944) and his art

Ljiljana Maletin at KODE museum, Bergen, Norway
photo: Dragan Vojvodic

KODE Art Museums of Bergen exhibits one of the largest collections of Munch paintings in the world. From an art historical perspective, the collection is unique because it exhibits works from all the major paradigms in Edvard Munch’s artistic career.

Among others we have many of the important paintings from the “Frieze of Life” – a series of paintings where Munch depicts the psyche of the modern human being. Munch himself described the “Frieze of Life” as the major work of his oeuvre.Jealousy, Melancholy, Women in Three Stages, Evening on Karl Johan and By the Death Bed are all from the “Frieze of Life”, and they are all exhibited together in the Rasmus Meyer Collection in KODE 3

http://kodebergen.no/en/article/bergen-munch-collectionRead more about the Rasmus Meyers Collection here

The Daily Review, Vecernje novosti, December, 2016.


Portfolio 2016
Ljiljana Maletin Essays & Dragan Vojvodic action named Proust’s ‘madeleine at the supermarket, 2016.
in Serbian language: konceptualna-knjiga-prustove-madlene-u-supermarketu 


Extract from new book Proust’s ‘madeleine at the supermarket, Art box-Artprint, 2016.
Proust’s ‘madeleine at the supermarket at Lemi’s bookstore in Novi Sad

Books at Delfi web site
Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic, Oni koji jedu sirovo meso at delfi veb site
Ljiljana Maletin’s text for Danas

Text: Ljiljana Maletin

Photo: Selman Trtovac
You can find Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic’ s books at British library, Library of American Congress and Harvard Library.

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic’s Book Those who eat raw meat at the libraries from 2016, also.

Radio news about English traslation of Ljiljana’s novel, november, 2016.
Ljiljana Maletin Book’s  at 61th International Belgrade Book Fair 
Ljiljana Maletin, U egzilu, Prometej, Novi Sad
Ljiljana Maletin, Oni koji jedu sirovo meso, Mediterran publishing, Novi Sad

Ljiljana Maletin at 61th International Belgrade Book Fair. 23. – 30. October 2016 Belgrade
Ljiljana Maletin Book at Novi Sad bookstore
Vulkan, Spens, Novi Sad, november 2016.
Ljiljana Maletin’s  Book at Novi Sad library , october 2016.
Djuro Danicic library, Novi Sad

Ljiljana Maletin at HYPERBOREA ART BLOG 2016.
Ljiljana Maletin, Der Himmel über Berlin

PDF version:
LJILJANA MALETIN, Vanishing rural 
Conceptual book, text and photography
Project made at Nelimarkka museum residency, summer 2016. Finland
Book published by First edition, Novi Sad, 2016.
limited art edition
Finland is one of the OECD’s most rural countries, but the rural population is ageing fast.
This photographs have story-telling quality. Vanishing home transported me to a mostly abandoned places  in Finland, and introduced me, in an intimate way, to the people who use to live there. 

Vanishing hοme
50 pages, 39 images
18 x 23 cm
ISBN 978-86-919231-7-4
September 2016
Print runs 25 + 2 AP

Photography, art postcards, First edition Septembre, 2016.
# postcards_photography # Melancholy North, July 2016, Finland
Eighteen cards
9,8/14,8 cm
September 2016
Print runs 25
Photos made during artist in residence project: The Nelimarkka residence project The Regional Art Museum of Southern Ostrobothnia Finland, 2016.

More about Those who eat raw meat, Mediterran publishing house
2016. July, 30.
Text about translation of Ljiljana’s novel Those who eat raw meat
10.09.2016. Dnevnik, Magazin, Novi Sad
Liljana Maletin ‘ s book Norway, from Bjørnson to Knausgård at Solaris bookstore, Novi Sad, Serbia

Solaris bookstore, august, 2016, Novi Sad 
Ljiljana’s  projects during residency period at Finland, summer, 2016.
                                                                Melancholy North

                           Kaartunen, Western Finland, Southern Ostrobothnia region, 2016.
                                                                          Vanishing rural 

                           Alajärvi, Finland, 2016.
                                                                            Object writing
                                                                      BOOK ART OBJECTS

                              Villa Nelimarkka, Finland, 2016.
About Ljiljana Maletin residency project in Finland
Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 21.07.39
A summer book recommendation  by the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade


A summer book recommendation

11.07.2016 // All Norwegian literature lovers in Serbia can now enjoy a newly published anthology of Norwegian literature in Serbian published by Orion spirit, Sremska Kamenica-Novi Sad.

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic, who has been exploring and writing in the Nordic countries for years, has taken us to a journey through Norwegian literature from Bjørnson to Knausgård.

Her new book entitled “Norway – from Bjørnson to Knausgård” is a compilation of a series of extracts from 60 Norwegian writers along with an introduction essay and original photographs from Norway. These writers have been translated into Serbian and Croatian in the period from 1930-2016.

According to the author, perception of Norway in the Serbian literary tradition is often read or reproduced in the context of positive stereotypes and romantic ideas about the Protestant people of the North that in spite of unfavorable natural conditions have built a progressive cultural and economic society.

Letters from Norway by Isidora Sekulic and perception of Norway as a land of fjords and Hyperborea have greatly influenced the reception of Norwegian literature in Serbia. “Although the picture (image) of Norway has changed, the feeling of something unusual and strange has not been lost from the time when, as [professor] Ljubisa Rajic noted, Knut Hamsun was read as “a kind of Nordic exoticism”, says Maletin Vojvodic.

She added that the idea with this book was not to systematize or to define the Norwegian cultural (literary) identity. Although the order of the sections is in alphabetical order of the surname of the author, there is no linear way of reading it but it is a kind of collage or hypertext, which is open for a variety of readings and specific creative additions.

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic is a cultural researcher inspired by travel, visual art, literature and film. She has participated in various international projects in Norway, Finland, Iceland and Greenland.

Her previous book called “A Norwegian story”, was published in June 2013 and it contains passages from works by Norwegian and Serbian writers and researchers who were deeply interested in Norway.

Artist in residence project in Finland

Nelimarkka-museo, Etelä-Pohjanmaan aluetaidemuseo Art Museum

Nelimarkka Museum residency, the Regional Art Museum of Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland.

in cooperation with with Dragan Vojvodic, multimedia artist.

Interview with Ljiljana Maletin, Dnevnik, Novi Sad
24-25 TVmagazin 02 07 2016 (2)
Razotkrivanje norveske egzotike Ljiljadnevnik1
Book Those who eat raw meat by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić in English language!

CIP – Каталогизација у публикацији
Библиотека Матице српске, Нови Сад821.163.41-94MALETIN-Vojvodić, Ljiljana
Those who eat raw meat / Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić ; translated from the Serbian by students of Karlovci Grammar School. – Novi Sad : Art print, 2016 (Novi Sad : Art print). – 201 str. ; 21 cmIzvornik na srp. jeziku. – Tiraž 300.ISBN 978-86-89525-07-6COBISS.SR-ID 306260999
The publication of this translation has been made possible through funding from Provincial Secretary for Sports and Youth, Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.
This book was translated by students of Karlovci Grammar School within their Serbian Prose in Translation Project workshop organized during 2015/2016 school year. It was as a part of the Project 225 years of Karlovci Grammar School and as a pilot project, it aimed at improving literary, translation and writing skills among grammar school students.
NEW BOOK Thanks to NORLA grant!
http://norla.no/Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić
Norveska od Bjernsona do Knausgora korice  20160608_184113
Ljiljana Maletin, NORWAY, from Bjørnson to Knausgård
Orion spirit, Sremska Kamenica-Novi Sad, 2016
ISBN 978-86-89649-06-2
2o8 pages 208, June, 2016.

208 pages long book in Serbian language containing compilation of a valuable series of extracts from 60 Norwegian writers in translation to Serbian language. Followed by the introduction essay and original photographs from Norway (2016).
20160625_090511 my book
Ljiljana Maletin’s books among books about Norway or from Norway published in Serbia,
June, 2016.
 20.06.2016 //
Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić, who has been exploring and writing in the Nordic countries for years, has interviewed Mr Haraldseth, director of the Rogaland contemporary art centre, who gave a lecture at the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad on June 17, 2016 under the headline ‘Rural Ruminations, art in the social democratic state’.
Norwegian embassy2  Muzej o Geiru
Interview by Ljiljana Maletin with curator Geir Haraldseth
From Museum of contemporary art in Novi Sad official FB page, also Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade official veb


…art in the social democratic state…

Friday, June 17th, 2016 | 7 p.m Kino sala

– See more at: http://www.msuv.org/program/2016-06-17-geir-haraldseth-eng.php#sthash.7NGcN0NN.dpuf

Organization: Collaboration of Musum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina  and  Creative Educational Centre Artbokx from Novi Sad run by Ljiljana Maletin and Dragan Vojvodic
DD2015, Festival of contemporary art
Suprematist transition/ performance, text written in English by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić

Art postcards edition 2016.
publisher: First edition, art publisher, Novi Sad, Serbia




Ljiljana Maletin# postcards_photography #Red in Norge & Gothenburg Art Book


Berlin art research trip, May, 2016.

Edwin Wurm, Bei Mutti, Berlinische Galerie; Berliner Banhof and Olbricht Collection , Private Exposure openings



EU media trip

Wienn, MUMOK, Museum quoter, radio…May, 2016.

Ljiljana Maletin# postcards_photography # handmade language-based conceptual art and photography # my LITTERATUR

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 08.48.11

176 textbook pages
Hardback / Clothbound
15 x 22 cm
March 2016
Print runs 25 + 2 AP

publisher: First edition, art publisher, Novi Sad, Serbia

Ljiljana Maletin got NORLA grant for publishing a book Norway from Bjørnstjerne Martinius Bjørnson to Karl Ove Knausgård
february 2016.
Nagrada Andra Gavrilovic
February 2016.
Ljiljana Maletin got first prize for contemporary novel / Andra Gavrilovuc for 2015.
for the novel called Scream took place in Norway
Ljiljana Maletin during 2016. at Galerija Duplex, Sarajevo
Unutarnje migracije u Sarajevu
Danas, Belgrade, 16.02.2016.
Ljiljana Maletin – Writer in exile text and photography by Ljiljana Maletin
pisac na privremenom radu
Ljiljana Maletin. Image of Sweden, Danas, Belgrade, Janyary 2016.

Ljiljana Maletin about Karl Ove Knausgaard written after research at Bergen, Norway
Ljiljana Maletin about A Man in Love by Karl Ove Knausgaard
Ljmaletin Knausgaard
28-29_TVmagazin 16 01 2016 (1)   16.01. 2016. Dnevnik, Novi Sad

published in January, 2016.
Urban landscapes # Novi Sad, 2016. by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic

Watercolor photos #Bergen/Oslo 2016. by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic

January, 2016.
Bergen, Norway
Working on new novel while researching a book A man in Love by Karl Ove Knausgaard
 3504_10207207093150133_8426333068348807743_n 12487261_10207241594652649_642722168852544494_o
Ljiljana at Bergen city library                 Ljiljana at art studio in Bergen, January 2016.     
6902_10207206843983904_4435824457200552763_n 1004986_10207206840943828_2956883109549651948_n
Bergen, Norway
 5784_10207206840463816_171942428559970836_n 1916894_10207207074029655_2156070922022405382_n
Knausgaard’s books at Bergen bookstores                  Ljiljana at Bergen City library
Ljiljana Maletin, Between Struggle and searching
20160105_220741_resized Screenshot_2016-01-05-22-06-29
 Danas newspaper, Belgrade, 05.01.2016.
Ljiljana Maletin s books in libraries abroad
EATERS OF RAW MEAT by Ljiljana Maletin  in libreries
Harvard (18th ed.)
MALETIN-VOJVODIĆ, L. (2013). Oni koji jedu sirovo meso.
RONALD WILIAMS LIBRARY, Illinois library, Chicago, USA


Karl Ove Knausgård, Erlend Loe, Jo Nesbø’s books & Norveška priča written by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic

Norveska prica i moja borba

Black hole eghibition by Dragan Vojvodić at Perpetuum mobile gallery space in Belgrade 
 12186666_10206482593997468_363553608180637989_o   12196327_10206880923636099_6294407527313785135_n 
Ljiljana Maletin making photos and preparing for writing about the show, Belgrade, Serbia
Text about eghibition wrtitten by Ljiljana Maletin, 09.10.2015, Dnevnik newspaper, Novi Sad
aaaaaaaaaa   aaaaaaaaaaa 
Ljiljana Maletin at Perpetuum mobile gallery at Belgrade, 03.10. 2015.
Ms. Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić, participate in the campaign implemented by the European Union Delegation and Ministry of Culture and Information “If you have something to say – say it”
http://www.mediafreedom.rs/a-pilot-campaign-on-media-literacy/?lang=enThe European Union Delegation and Ministry of Culture and Information have supported the campaign dedicated to media literacy targeted at secondary school students in Serbia. A working slogan of the campaign is “If you have something to say – say it”, and creative solutions have been generated through conclusions made in direct interviews with secondary school students and their assessments of media culture and media literacy levels among their peers in the country.This pilot campaign is dedicated to strengthening of media literacy of secondary school students in Serbia, and at the beginning of September it presented a website http://www.recinam.rs which will serve as a “rally point” for individual and group coverage topic of which will be media literacy of interested students and their teachers.
    mediafreedom1 12003995_10207937834141503_7122707373228722284_n 12109772_1636180886637934_6252397447005711914_o-2 rad jedan  
26.11. 2015, Belgrade
Norwegian Embassy in Serbia official web site and FB page,
interview with Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic
31.07.2015 // The Serbian artist, Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic, who has been exploring and writing in the Nordic countries for years, talks about her love for Nordic culture and about her projects connecting Serbia and Scandinavia.
sa sajta norveske o meni intervju Screenshot_2015-08-05-16-18-24 Fb profil Norveske ambasade
New texts published by Ljiljana Maletin during Septembre and Octobre 2015.
Ljiljana Maletin, Dragan Vojvodic, performance and video during Danubedialogues, opening night 2015. P.U.L.S.E.
Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 19.27.44 Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 19.30.27 Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 19.30.38 Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 19.30.44 Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 19.30.58  
Ljiljana Maletin, At the Lemi’s bookstore, Danas newspaper, Belgrade
Ljiljana Maletin, At the Lemi’s bookstore, P.U.L.S.E. magazine
lemi2 lemi
Ljiljana Maletin, Jeff Koons at Preikestolen, Danas, Belgrade
Cooperation with Dragan Vojvodic in Stavanger
seecult bolji 
Frida Hansens hus residency, Rogaland Contemporary Art Center, Stavager, Norway, July, 2015.

http://www.fridahansen.no    http://www.airwestnorway.no/default.asp?art=53&kat=6&sp=2

Ljiljana Maletin, Instruction as Kunst

Language based art & installation by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic

DSC07059 DSC07055  DSC07057 DSC07054 ovo2 ovo4  


DSC06538 DSC06556 DSC06544  DSC06555

language based visual art photo: Ljiljana Maletin

Ljiljana Maletin, Astrup Fearnley museum in Oslo

blog for http://www.supervizuelna.com


moj blog na supervizuelnoj


Ljiljana Maletin, Demian Hirst and jeff Koons in Oslo

blog for http://www.pulse.rs


pulse Screenshot_2015-08-06-10-42-51

Ljiljana Maletin: Van Gogh+Munch at Munch Museum in Oslo

e-novine, 27. July 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 17.05.04 Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 16.58.19 http://www.e-novine.com/kultura/kultura-sa-lica-mesta/123760-Otuenje-ludilo-ili-kreativnosti.html

Event in Stavanger

Nytorget 17,Stavanger Thursday 30 July 2015, 19:00 Organized by : Rogaland Kunstsenter – Rogaland Contemporary Art Centre Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic og Dragan Vojvodic er artists in residence ved Frida Hansens hus i Juli. Ljiljana jobber med et bokprosjekt om blant annet Frida Hansen og har gjort research under oppholdet, mens Dragan har jobbet med en endagsutstilling med en performance som vises Torsdag 30. juli. Dragan har gjort endringer på bygget og vil også gjøre en performance. Så stikker vi på Studio17!

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 14.26.11


Scream/Post Nora age research at Frida Nansens Hus

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 08.46.32   Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 08.39.05

Frida Hansens Art Nouveau I Full Blomst


opetjjjjj frida i ljilja

Ljiljana Maletin in front of Art Museum in Stavanger, July 2015.

Ljiljana Maletin’s text about Frida Hansen

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 12.22.44 Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 12.22.56 http://www.danas.rs/danasrs/periskop.48.html

Stavanger Kunstmuseum FB page

Yesterday at 8:43am · Edited Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic har for tiden residens i Frida Hansens hus. Hun har skrevet om Frida Hansen i Danas, en av Serbias største aviser: // Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic is currently on residency in Frida Hansen’s house here in Stavanger. She has written about Frida Hansen in Danas, one of Serbias most important newspapers: http://www.danas.rs/dan…/periskop/pismo_iz_norveske.48.html… Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic currently have residence in Frida Hansen’s House. She has written about Frida Hansen in Danas, one of Serbia’s largest newspapers: // Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic is currently on residency in Frida Hansen’s house here in Stavanger. She has written about Frida Hansen in Danas, one of Serbias most important newspapers: http://www.danas.rs/dan…/periskop/pismo_iz_norveske.48.html…

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 13.51.32 Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 13.51.46

Stavanger Kunstmuseum FB official page, 14.07.2015.

Ljiljana Maletin vojvodic’ s books at Stavanger City Library, Norway

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 14.33.17

http://www.stavanger-kulturhus.no/content/search?searchstring=ljiljana+maletin&searchfilter=bibliotek Sølvberget, Stavanger kulturhus catalog, July 2015.

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic’ s books at Cleveland City library, USA

public library clivilend

Cleveland City library, july, 2015. https://cpl.bibliocommons.com/item/show/6786316048_oni_koji_jedu_sirovo_meso

14. Days of performance in Museum of contemporary art in Pula and Galerijski centar Varaždin

http://www.tourism-varazdin.hr/aktualna-dogadjanja/14-dani-performansa/ collaboration with visual artist

Dragan Vojvodić

1794688_10205948502726159_6702873735050401521_n 10012819_10205948508486303_2089252828390274051_o

left: Ljiljana Maletin  at 14. Days of performance right: Dragan Vojvodic making performance & Ljiljana Maletin photographing

PRIBOR ZA PISANJE DRAGAN VOJVODIC VOJVODIĆ 22689_10205750876625630_785309503457330117_n

left: Dragan Vojvodic performance (photo Ljiljana Maletin) right: Ljiljana Maletin text about 14. Days of performance published at Danas daily newspaper


Ljiljana Maletin, Broken bridges in Croatia

18.06.2015. E-novine http://www.e-novine.com/kultura/kultura-sa-lica-mesta/122086-Ruenje-zidova-umetnou.html

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 23.53.17 Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 23.53.29 Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 23.53.39 Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 13.48.03 Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 13.48.44

Further info at: http://www.supervizuelna.com/14-dani-performansa-u-muzeju-suvremene-umjetnosti-istre-museo-darte-contemporanea-dell-istria-i-galerijskom-centru-varazdina/

Ljiljana Maletin blog published at Supervizuelna – magazine for contemporary art http://www.supervizuelna.com/i-scream-daddio-sare-lukas-na-56-bijenalu-umetnosti-u-veneciji/

Ljiljana Maletin: I Scream Daddio by Sarah Lucas at 56. Biennale in Venice

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 16.07.33

photos thanks to British Council http://www.supervizuelna.com, 09.05.2015.

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic text about 56. Venice Biennale at Serbian newspaper Dnevnik


56. Bijenale u Veneciji za Dnevnik

Umetnički ujedinjene mrtve nacije, 30.05.2015. Dnevnik, Novi Sad

Official FB profile page – Norwegian Embassy in Begrade

31.05.2015. “For the first time, Norway was the sole commissioner of the Nordic Pavilion for 56th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia. On this occasion, the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) selected artist Camille Norment. Serbian writer, Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic, visited the Pavilion and you may find her impressions, along with photos, on her blog in Serbian: http://bit.ly/1AFxbym Photo by: Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic ”

ambasada Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 08.38.57

Norwegian Embassy in Serbia May 2015: Celebration of the Norwegian Constitution Day in the residence of the Ambassador

staviti obavezno 20150518_191630_resized_1 11246981_625309427569899_4309649194035852740_n

18.May 2015, Belgrade

Ljiljana Maletin during Vernissage of the  Venice 56th Biennale

56. Bijenale u veneciji. Prostor Đardini 11163245_10205656904716391_9200784911987414814_n

left: 56. Biennale di Venezia              right: Ljiljana Maletin at Press Room 11067916_10205648388463490_4756214917936178971_n 20150507_132042_resized_1

left: 56. Biennale di Venezia, press room             right: Serbian Pavillion at Biennale

20150508_193113_resized_1  20150508_191129_resized_1

56. Biennale, opening parties, Venice, May 2015.

Nordic pavilion in Venice blog written by Ljiljana Maletin and FB status published at FB page Norwegian story, administrated by Ljiljana Maletin

https://ljiljanamaletin.wordpress.com/photos/venice-biennale-2013-facing-art-in-red/nordic-pavillion-56-biennale-di-venezia-nordijski-paviljon-na-56-venecijanskom-bijenalu/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/544769815604341/

Ispred Nordijskog paviljona 20150507_171019. 20150507_185656_resized_2

Ljiljana Maletin, visited the Nordic pavillion at 56. Venice Biennale 2015.

Text by Ljiljana Maletin about Nodric Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2015. published at on-lajn magazine for art and culture http://www.pulse.com


. Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 08.39.19 Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 08.39.38 Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 08.39.48

http://pulse.rs/nordijski-paviljon/ All the Worlds Future by Ljiljana Maletin

 Sve buducnosti sveta

Ljiljana Maletin’ s text about Biennale published during May 2015. at Serbian newspaper Danas http://www.danas.rs/danasrs/periskop.48.html

Jim Jarmusch, Guernica and antifashism by Ljiljana Maletin published at e-novine 20.05.2015.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 09.49.02 Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 09.49.09 Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 09.49.14


Openings at Museum & Magacin Macura, Stari i Novi Banovci, Serbia, april, 2015.

20150425_185009  20150425_194457 20150425_191848 20150425_175938

Ljubomir Micic’s Dream by Ljiljana Maletin


Text about Macura museum published at Danas 05.05.2015. http://www.danas.rs/danasrs/periskop/san_ljubomira_micica.48.html?news_id=301200

About a book and Norwegian literature workshop by Ljiljana Maletin, april 2015.


Ljiljana Maletin, Conflicts and relations in Museum of Modern art in Serbia Danas, Belgrade, april, 2015.

20150401_171532 20150327_195239

Ljiljana Maletin’s text and photo from the Museum of modern art Vojvodina show, spring 2015.


Ljiljana Maletin-Vojvodić: Fjord & jul, April, 2015. extract from future novel Skrik

sveske_mart_2015 jul 
 jul1 jul3
 Ljiljana Maletin at Savamala Art book fair, March, 2015

Belgrade, Mikser House http://www.expatserbia.com/must-see-a-visit/festivals/4426-belgrade-book-fair

 2015-03-23 07.21.09 20150322_182805 
22.04.2015. Mixer House, Belgrade
Book recommendation by Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, January, 2015.
This Sunday’s is “Norwegian story” by Serbian author Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic, published by Izdavačka kuća-PROMETEJ in June 2013. The book contains passages from works by Norwegian and Serbian writers and researchers who were deeply interested in #Norway. You will surely enjoy it!
2Screenshot_2015-02-23-12-36-48  Screenshot_2015-02-23-12-36-01
Ljiljana Maletin book at new Laguna bookstore

April, 2015. Laguna, Novi Sad

20150319_181003 20150319_180937 
USF Bergen artist-in-residency, Norway 2015.


  20141222_110806  20141223_130556
USF Verftet, Bergen, 2015.
Culture centre, international artist-in-residence
Photo: Ljiljana Maletin
After publishing several creative (fictional and non-fictional) books at several renewed publishing house in Serbia (Mediterran publishing, Prometej, Novi Sad), after being awarded by several international artist-in-residencies grants, Ljiljana Maletin started a carrier as a conceptual writer. Her latest writings Instruction as writings, Bergen, Norway, 2015; FABRIKKEN, Bergen, Norway, 2015; Gothenburg Art Book, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2014; “who?” makE Künst?, Bergen, Norway, 2014. are project based, and her highly conceptual approach – combination of literature with visual arts – includes a mixture of collage and re-writing recycled found texts. They are art books about being an artist, being creative, about values in contemporary art, but books about writing also: how to create a book, about different writing discourses, writing process and techniques etc.
20150114_131659 20150114_131959
20150114_131724 20150114_131404

Ljiljana Maletin, Instruction as writings, Bergen, Norway, 2015.

Art Book. Limited edition.
 Writings shelved as conceptual. Instruction as writings is the art book based on concept of re-writing & recycling found texts from newspaper archives and female visual artist’s narratives and statements during authors project at USF Verftet in Bergen 2014/2015 – homage to Tracy Emin, Sophie Calle, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, Marlene Dumas and Yoko Ono.

 Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 19.18.48 Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 19.18.58
Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 19.19.11
20141228_134336 20141228_133955
20141228_134051 20141228_133704
 Ljiljana Maletin conceptual book FABRIKKEN, USF Verftet, 2015. Photo: Ljiljana Maletin
FABRIKKEN (reference to ex Sardine Factory, Culture centre USF Verftet and Andy Warhol ‘ s The Factory also) is art book where language was presented as one kind of visual element.FABRIKKEN is language-based visual art as well as piece of literature.

Text Writer in Bergen about Ljiljana Maletin residency period

IMG_2278 http://www.danas.rs/danasrs/periskop/pisac_u_bergenu.48.html?news_id=29466 pisac berga   20141220_122030 http://www.norveska.org.rs/News_and_events/Novosti-i-dogadjaji-/Pisac-u-Bergenu/#.VKW13hZ0Q71 20141220_121801 oisac u bergenu Ljiljana Maletin&Dragan Vojvodic in Bergen        Ljiljana Maetin at KHIB library 20141225_112047 20141223_143953 USF, Bergen, january, 2014/2015.                       Ljiljana Maletin ‘ s studio at USF

 Ljiljana Maletin conceptual writing, “who” make Kust, Bergen, 2014.

20141228_134630 sajt4

Ljiljana Maletin conceptual writings “who?” makE kunst, Bergen, 2014.

ljiljaberga20141222_110859 Ljiljana Maletin in her studio at USF Verftet, Bergen, 2014.          USF Verftet, Bergen

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic s book at city library in Novi Sad, 2015.


Ljiljana Maletin and her book at Vulkan bookstore, Belgrade, 2015.

IMG-20150315-WA0002 IMG-20150315-WA0001 Ljiljana Maletin and her book at Vulkan bookstore, Belgrade, TC Usce, 2015. http://www.knjizare-vulkan.rs/NORVESKA-PRICA-31974

20141210_190752 20141210_190822

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic books Norveska prica and Finska, zemlja Kalevale i sauna, Serbian bookstore, 2014.
Text about Marlene Dumas exhibition at Stedejilk museum at Amsterdam written by Ljiljana Maletin, December 2014.

IMG_2146  Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 09.19.50

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić’ s books at Oslo public library catalogue
Künstlerhaus, Wien, 2014.
Dragan Vojvodić, Distorsion of organism, video still based of photographies made by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic in Iceland awarded in Wienn in 2015.
Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic, Madeleine  of Marcel Proust in supermarket, Letopis Matice srpske, 2014.
Essay published at  the Letopis Matice srpske magazine, which is one of the oldest in the world, being continuously published since 1824.
Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 10.43.13
Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić’ s book at Toronto University library catalogue
 ova je isto dobra      
Ljiljana Maletin, Gothenburg ArtBook, Sweden, 2014.
handmade, limited edited, Art Book
Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 08.39.26
 Art Magazin review, Novi Sad
Proza on-line review, 2014.
image  image  
Messen House, Alvik, Norway, interview&infos, 2013-2014.
Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 08.36.01 Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 08.33.57 Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 08.33.51 Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 08.33.55 Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 08.33.48Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 08.33.43 
Ljiljana Maletin ‘ s books in Serbian bookstore
 moje knjige 
Matica srpska bookstore, Novi Sad, 2014.
Ljiljana Maletin, in front of Konstepidemin studio
  Gothenburh, Sweden, July, 2014.
Ljiljana Maletin with her book Eaters of row meat, Derfi bookstore, Novi Sad
IMG_20140813_201238 IMG_20140813_201330 
 August 2014. Novi Sad
Ljiljana Maletin at IMAF, international performance Festival
Banatska Dubica, 2014. Photo by Niclas Haldberg
Book purchase (books published in 2013) for the Libraries in Serbia
sad   sad1
 45 copies of book Eaters of row meat by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic
 Ljiljana Maletin, during Constitution Day of Norway celebration
 Norwegian Embassy Belgrade,  2014.
Ljiljana Maletin, Warhol show in Rome
Ljiljana Maletin, Warhol show, Rome, 2014. 
Artist-in-residency project in Sweden: Konstepidemin, Göteborg July, 2014.
photo 3-4     Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 19.19.02
lj2  lj3
 Delfi Bookstore. Kralja Aleksandra 3. Novi Sad, June, 2014.
Ljiljana Maletin, Paris: Cliche and stereotypes, Sveske, Pancevo, 2014.
photo 2-2 photo 3
 . photo-9photo 1-3 
Sveske, Pancevo, 2014.
Kompletan časopis (pdf)
Ljiljana Maletin, Image studies of Finland, Interkulturalnost, 2014.
photo 1-2  photo 2-3  photo 3-2  photo 4-2  
Intertekstualnost, March, 2014, Novi Sad
From local newspapes about Ljiljana Maletin
photo 2.PNG
 Gift for high school students, May, 2014.
 Ljiljana Maletin, “Merda d’artista” by the Italian artist Piero Manzoni in Milano, May, 2014.
 Artist”s shit, E-novine, 2014.
    photo 5photo 4
Dwarves and Hyperborea: A Fictional Iceland Baedeker Guide [Kindle Edition], 2014.
 Bergen artist-in-residency Bergen, 2013.
ISSUU – Årsmelding USF 2013 by Evy Sørensen
Amazon’s Autor Page:
Dr Maja Rogac review about book Eaters of raw meat, 2014, Polja, Novi Sad
 10264213_10202876316683428_8042133994788366419_o  10286730_10202876315923409_5797668572243427462_o
l knjige.jpg
16.01.2014., Vulkan bookstore, Belgrade, Serbia
Semtembre 2013, TC Merkator bookstore, Novi Sad, SErbia
 From web site Norwegian embassy in Belgrade
“Little Global Cities” / 2012: Novi Sad/Serbien
Autoren und Künstler Bojan Krivokapić
Text about Astrup Fearnley museum in Oslo written by Ljiljana Maletin

Nova misao, Novi Sad

 Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 08.20.06  
Library of Congress, catalog record, the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress.
2.11.2013., Belgrade newspaper Politika
 Norveska prica, Vulkan bookstore, Novi Sad, 2013.   
Ljiljana Maletin Vojjvodic wuth her new book at Belgrade Fair 2013.
 Mediterran publishing, Book Fair, and Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic ć s book Eaters of Row Meath, 2013. 
 Mediterran publishing got special prize at Belgrade Book Fair in 2013.
Vulkan Bookstore, Usce, Belgrade, 2013. 
 Belgrade Book Fair, 2013.
Educational mission through literature, interview with Ljiljana Maletin written by Snežana Milanovic
DSC01905   DSC01906-1 
September, 2013. Dnevnik newspaper, Novi Sad, Serbia
Ljiljana Maletin’ s books in bookstores in Novi Sad
 Solaris bookstore, Novi Sad, 2013.
 Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic with her new book Norwegian story in front of Oslo library, july, 2013.
New book about Norway, Norwegain Embassy website, 2013.
Picture 6 

   Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 19.33.54   Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 19.33.36  Library of Matica srpska, Novi Sad http://www.vbs.rs/scripts/cobissukaz=DIRE&id=1932368592186848&dfr=1&ppg=10&sid=2        photo left: Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic at Punto della Dogana museum before writing an article about Venice Biennale, Venice, 2009. photo right: Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic with her book at a Belgrade bookstore.Belgrade,  Vulkan, Serbia, 2011. href=”https://ljiljanamaletin.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/dsc06097-e1317325334437.jpg”> oni koji sad2 Book purchase, Ministry of culture, Serbia, 2012. 38 copies of In Exile by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic    

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic’ s novel Dwarf and Hyperborean at city bookstores (Ljubitelji knjige, Stylos) and city library. Novi Sad, Serbia, 2009. 
Lj. Maletin Vojvodic’s book In Exile at Belgrade book fair, 2011.


In Exile at Most bookstore, Novi Sad, 2011.
Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic’ s book Finland, land of  Kalevala, lakes and saunas at bookstores in Belgrade. Vulkan, Beograd, Serbia, 2011.
Finland, land of Kalevala… in Vuljan bookstore, Novi Sad, 2011.
USF residency, Bergen, 2012.  
06.07.2012., Bergensavisen, Bergen, Norway