English translation. Book Those who eat raw meat, 2016.




The vicinity of the North Pole, Greenland’s air and colors are destroying my typical way of thinking and reacting. I cannot see myself in or connect myself with anything or anyone. I do not understand the words, the colors, the scents or the gestures. I am thinking one thing, yet everything around me: the air, the water, clouds; they are all telling me otherwise. With words that I m used to, I am addressing the phenomena and objects, but they are not responding.

In Greenland, you feel things differently; you smile differently; you are even silent in a different way. In the North, biology dictates behavior. The Eskimos use agglutination. Only one syllable with a certain intonation or the pitch of the voice, is enough for them to get the meaning of what is being said.

In an attempt to break free, I have come to a place where everyone is deeply rooted; among the people with whom I am bound with neither the same race, nor culture, nor habits, nor climate – literally nothing.

from the book THOSE WO EAT RAW MEAT by Ljuiljana Maletin Vojvodic

Oni koji jedu sirovo meso

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Библиотека Матице српске, Нови Сад


MALETIN-Vojvodić, Ljiljana
Those who eat raw meat / Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić ; translated from the Serbian by students of Karlovci Grammar School. – Novi Sad : Art print, 2016 (Novi Sad : Art print). – 201 str. ; 21 cm

Izvornik na srp. jeziku. – Tiraž 300.

ISBN 978-86-89525-07-6

COBISS.SR-ID 306260999

This book was translated by students of Karlovci Grammar School within their Serbian Prose in Translation Project workshop organized during 2015/2016 school year. It was as a part of the Project 225 years of Karlovci Grammar School and as a pilot project, it aimed at improving literary, translation and writing skills among grammar school students.

Students of Karlovci Grammar School who participated in the workshop are: Sara Babić, Aleksandra Erceg, Danijela Jović, Ana Čvorović, Iva Mojović, Vanja Gostović, Milica Stefanović, Anastasija Bijelić, Ana Smiljanić, Ana Sekulić, Anja Sanader, Nikola Vlaškalić, Nađa Jović, Nina Jović, Ivona Ferenc, Milica Dragan, Tijana Polovina, Aleksandra Sredojević, Goran Mitrić, Nađa Ničetić, Nikola Kalajdžić, Marija Rakić, Nevena Radojčić and Milena Ilić.

The teachers of English and Translation at Karlovci Grammar School who worked as mentors with the students are: Nebojša Pajić, Brankica Ivkov, Jelena Petrović and Vladica Rakić.

The publication of this translation has been made possible through funding from Provincial Secretary for Sports and Youth, Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.


Ljiljana Maletin during her artist in residency project in Greenland, 2010.

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