English translation/Passage from the novel EATERS OF ROW MEAT

Eaters of row meat by Ljiljana Maletin 2013 





Ian Curtis’ s voice

System of Down

Obojeni program

Björk Guðmundsdóttir


Sigur Ros

Amy Winehouse

I am a Bird Now and Antony & the Jonsons

Music of Philip Glass


Lars Von Trier’ s movies

Aki Kaurismäki

Alvar Aalto’ s designe

Andō Tadao and Norman Foster architectural style

Andy Warhol

Gil Elvgren’s pin-up girls

Kat Von D

Sophie Calle

Tracey Emin

I love red and black

And Marina Abramović

What am I doing so far, in the north? In the small, lonely red painted wooden house, ringed by icebergs and dogs howling.

On the Atlantic coast. In Greenland.

Far from everything that has defined me, far from the place I grew up, far from all what I was used to knew, what I was taught to interpret.


 I look at my watch. Ring with the image of Warhol’s Marylyn Monroe.  Red lipstick on my lips. The smell of perfume. Because I’m not me anymore. Now I’m somebody else. Someone who is thinking about glaciers. Who knows who was Knud Rasmussen. Who knows Beathe and Sarah. Someone attached by the midnight sun and the lazy Greenlandic days. Someone who is able to wash up with almost no  water, to take a shower for one minute.

Are white, shiny icebergs made me different? Will I be someone else until re-board the plane to Copenhagen?


Suddenly, I heard  unfamiliar sound.


Icebergs, felt through the ice into frigid waters. In front of  red wooden house of Fairytales. On the coast. In Greenland,  the land of  dog sleds and Eric the Red. In Upernavik. On top of the world, at 72 degrees north. In isolated island,  with white floating icebergs and grey and black rocks. Among Inuit stories and people raised in traditional hunting culture, adapted to the extreme living conditions.

In July. When the sun does not leave the sky, leaving me completely in charge of day and night. In springtime place, where eaters or row meat, respecting the demons of the nature, when the ice broke up, used to come to trade and to fish seals and walruses.

From the Eaters of row meat by Ljiljana Maletin 2013.


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