LATVIJSKA EPISTOLA by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic is novel prodused during her stay at Ventspils House in Latvia. Latvia Epistle is 50-pages long novel in Serbian language about Latvian cultural environment, the writers she met in specific writers retreats, their conversations, discussions, attitude towards life and art, love affairs and passion for writings.

Keywords: Literature, Arts, larpurlartism, fictional writings.

Ventspils House, Latvia


Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic at her studio at Ventspils House in January, 2009.

 The International Writers and Translators’ House is a non-profit organizations aimed at creation of an international multi-functional centre for writers and translators in Latvia to further the development of literature, encourage intercultural dialogue, promote local literary processes on the international level, as well as to facilitate decentralization of literature development process in Latvia, thus creating a favorable cultural environment in the regions.


13-pages long short novel called House of Writers (Kuća pisaca), published in Serbian language in book and literary Magazine called Crte i reze in Serbia during March 2013. Novel was chosen after literary competition called Andra Gavrilović 2012 as TOP 5 novels among 94 international writers and their works during February 2012.

Novel is about women writer from Serbia faced with different international writers and their stories in Venspils House. It is fictional novel based on personal experience.

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ISBN 978-86-86537-16-4 

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