A summer book recommendation Norway from Bjørnson to Knausgård 

11.07.2016 // All Norwegian literature lovers in Serbia can now enjoy a newly published anthology of Norwegian literature in Serbian published by Orion spirit, Sremska Kamenica-Novi Sad.

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic, who has been exploring and writing in the Nordic countries for years, has taken us to a journey through Norwegian literature from Bjørnson to Knausgård.

Her new book entitled “Norway – from Bjørnson to Knausgård” is a compilation of a series of extracts from 60 Norwegian writers along with an introduction essay and original photographs from Norway. These writers have been translated into Serbian and Croatian in the period from 1930-2016.

According to the author, perception of Norway in the Serbian literary tradition is often read or reproduced in the context of positive stereotypes and romantic ideas about the Protestant people of the North that in spite of unfavorable natural conditions have built a progressive cultural and economic society.

Letters from Norway by Isidora Sekulic and perception of Norway as a land of fjords and Hyperborea have greatly influenced the reception of Norwegian literature in Serbia. “Although the picture (image) of Norway has changed, the feeling of something unusual and strange has not been lost from the time when, as [professor] Ljubisa Rajic noted, Knut Hamsun was read as “a kind of Nordic exoticism”, says Maletin Vojvodic.

She added that the idea with this book was not to systematize or to define the Norwegian cultural (literary) identity. Although the order of the sections is in alphabetical order of the surname of the author, there is no linear way of reading it but it is a kind of collage or hypertext, which is open for a variety of readings and specific creative additions.

Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic is a cultural researcher inspired by travel, visual art, literature and film. She has participated in various international projects in Norway, Finland, Iceland and Greenland.

Her previous book called “A Norwegian story”, was published in June 2013 and it contains passages from works by Norwegian and Serbian writers and researchers who were deeply interested in Norway.

About the book Norway from Bjørnson to Knausgård, Dnevnik, Novi Sad

Online news about the book:


Norveska od Bjernsona do Knausgora korice Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 20.35.59

Orion spirit, Serbia, 2016.

208 pages long book in Serbian language containing compilation of a valuable series of extracts from 60 Norwegian writers in translation to Serbian language. Followed by the introduction essay and original photographs from Norway (2016).


Ljiljana Maletin, NORWEGIAN STORY, 2013.

Book in Serbian by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic called Norwegian story containing passages from works of Norwegian writers like Knut Hamsun, Merethe Lindstrøm, Arne I.S. Lygre, Erlend Loe, Jo Nesbø, Bjørnar Olsen, Per Petterson, Laila Stien, Dag Solstag… and from books of Serbian writers and researcher who were deeply interested in Norway (Ljubisa Rajic, Isidora Sekulic, Vida Ognjenovic).

Photos was taken by Ljiljana Maletin in Norway during 2012.

The book Norwegian Story is published in July 2013. by Prometej, publishinh house from Novi Sad, Serbia, thanks to the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade who supported this project.
Norveška priča, Prometej, Novi Sad 2013.
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Nova knjiga
Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodic reading Erlend Lue prose, Geopoetika, Book Fair, Belgrade, 2013.

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