SHORT STORIES published in common collection or presented at literary festivals as Alma, Beograd, 2007, Beografiti, Beograd, 1999, Femfest Zagreb, Croatia, 2008…


I woke up one morning and, to my horror, realized that absolutely nothing had happened.

My landlady’s chef, Mrs. Grubach, had brought me, as usual, somewhere around 8 A.M., breakfast in bed.

I wanted to call her, and I wanted a slim, well-built, unknown man in a dark black suit to jump into my room.

But – nothing happened. It must be that no one slandered me, again, because I am simply – Martha K., high school literature teacher.


On the seventh day the Lord God created WOMAN from the dust of the earth, breathed into her nostrils the breath of life, and the woman became a living soul.

Then the Lord God created the Garden of Eden, in the east, and put there the woman he had made, to tend to the garden.

And the Lord God put Eve into a deep sleep, took one of her ribs, and filled the place with flesh.

From the rib, the Lord God made man and brought him before the woman.

And Eve said:

– Behold bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh!  He shall be called man!

Therefore shall a woman leave her father and mother and cling to her husband: and they shall be one flesh!

They were both naked, Eve and her husband, but they felt no shame.

And Mr. Adam Adamović?

Well, after thirty years of fidelity, Adam Adamović will come home early from work one Friday.

Per a tacit yet binding agreement, he is accustomed to not entering the kitchen and to not engaging in housework of any kind.  However, this time he was extremely hungry, and Eve was not home.  She had gone to the market, and at that very moment was selecting the tastiest piece of meat to cook medium rare for her man.  So, Adam will enter the forbidden kingdom of Eve’s kitchen, and open the refrigerator to find a solitary red APPLE which his wife had bought the week before at “The Tree of Knowledge and Consumption,” a local supermarket.

HE WILL BITE INTO IT, FIND HIMSELF in the midst of a midlife crisis, and suddenly realize that for some time now, his wife’s naked, slightly pudgy body has disgusted him, and brought him some kind of inexplicable shame.

He will understand that this truly is his last chance to pack his bags and leave HER forever.


















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