BELGRADE BOOK FAIR. Belgrade, Serbia, 2011, 2013.


Ljiljana Maleton Vojvodic and her novel Eaters of raw meath publishing by Mediterran publishing from Novi Sad at Belgrade book fair. Belgrade, Serbia, 2013.

Mediterran Publishing is a small and independent publishing company, which started in the beginning of December, 2006. It was founded from pure passion for humanistic and social sciences and arts. Therefore, our mission and credo are deeply rooted in these areas of human creativity.Our ambition is to change a social, political, cultural and intelectual landscape by means of our editions, since we believe that the humanistic and social sciences possess the powerful and crucial potential for building up a human self-awareness, without which there is no liberated, autonomous, educated, independent and critically oriented humanity.Therefore, our goal is to publish serious books that will last in long-term perspective. We are reffering not only to the academic, but also to the broader audience, which may not be necessarily specialized.Within our prestigious and crucial edition – Arhipelag, we published the trendy book of the American sociologist and lawyer David Riesman:The Lonely Crowd. In addition, we published The Functons of Social Conflict by a famous American sociologist Lewis Coser, and The Theory of the Leisure Class by another well-known American sociologist Thorstein Veblen. In cooperation with the Embassy of USA in Belgrade, we released a highly popular book in America – Bowling Alone, written by Robert D. Putnam. We should also mention books by Karl Mannheim, Zygmunt Bauman, Michel Foucault, Werner Sombart, Erving Goffman, Jane Jacobs and many other, in the world of humanistic and social sciences, unavoidable authors.We classify ourselves together with those who consider the culture, and especially the science and the art, as a social engagement, unrestrained by national or any other particularist borders.


IMG_4193  IMG_4198 (1)

Mediterran publishing, Eaters of Row Meath, Belgrade Book Fair, 2013.

IMG_4190  IMG_4230  IMG_4187 IMG_4202

Ljiljana Maleton Vojvodic and her book Norwegian story publishing by Prometej from Novi Sad at Belgrade book fair. Belgrade, Serbia, 2013.

Prometej publishing house from Novi Sad, founded 1991. ( strongly supports publishing in science, literature and publicity and accomplish the publishing recognition by representative monographs, the works dedicated to the Serbian cultural and political heritage. In the last few years, we paid special attention to the language culture.

DSCF5660123 DSCF56621 DSCF56591

Book Fair, Belgrade, Serbia, 2013.




Book Fair, October, 2011, Belgrade, Serbia


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